Friday, 17 June 2016

Display - Ulrik the Slayer - Complete

So the last few weeks have been rather busy, which meant I missed posting further work in progress shots of Ulrik. In the end I did get him finished in time for the competition, so goal achieved.

At the moment he is sat in the Warhammer Store cabinet so I haven't got any of my own completed shots of the model, so I have shamelessly lifted them from their Facebook page.

I sort of rushed to finish him, so there are a few things unfinished and some improvements I would like to make, the cape especially feels like it needs more work, along with a few of the smaller details like the gems.

Once I have the model back I may well look to revisit him in the future, but for now I feel like moving back into some fantasy, and I do have a large Chaos army in need of some further work.


  1. Speak for yourself mate, that cloak is superb!

    Crozius stands out beautifully as well.