Saturday, 25 June 2016

Everchosen - Archaon - WIP #1

I've wanted to do a centerpiece for my Khorne army for a while now, and I also really wanted to paint Archaon because it is a beautiful model with a lot of different detail and areas to work on. Having also picked up a copy of the new Warhammer Quest and being gifted some old Skaven by Maelstrom my Chaos horde has clearly grown to include most of the pantheon, so it seemed fitting that I should have the Everchosen at the heart of this expanded force.

I've been slowly building the model over the last few months, although at this stage I have only built Dorghar into some sub-assemblies for painting. Archaon is still on sprues, but I anticipate building him as I paint anyway.

As is my way I have naturally started with the heads for Dorghar.

So far I have been experimenting with the tone used for Dorghars lighter flesh areas. I tried a brown shade over a Rakarth Flesh base initially but this ultimately didn't gel with the direction I chose for the wings. In the end i settled for a shade of Mechanicus Standard Grey thinned with Lahmian medium as this produced a colour that will carry over to parts of the wings and tie the model together.

The Nurgle head so far is Deathworld Forest highlighted up with Nurgle Green, with Athonian Camoshade shading.

All the other areas are just blocked in colours so far, with shade washes applied.


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