Sunday, 1 December 2013

Planning for Zone Mortalis

As anybody who reads our blogs knows that I have semi-regular gaming weekends with Rictus and Maelstrom. This invariably leads to lots of banter and gaming as one would expect, but more importantly it provides Rictus with an opportunity to persuade both Maelstrom and myself to purchase more shinies.

This time he failed. This time I did it all to myself.

Every meet up involves a trip to Warhammer World, and every trip involves several games of Zone Mortalis. We don't play it seriously (in fact a tape measure is generally only used for weapon ranges) but we have fun (especially when the whole hulk collapses killing 75% of Maelstroms Tau in one hit).

Up until now I've always taken a Space Wolf force, marginally painted at best.

For next time I decided to do Dark Eldar.

And then GW released this.

And now I am doing Eldar as well.

The intent is to post a more regular series of updates, detailing progress over the coming months. This almost certainly won't happen. But I'll try. And fail. But at least I'll fail in a positive light, and maybe get a painted army out of it.

So what do I have to build these armies from?

A veritable goldmine of Dark Eldar models
Iyanden. Nuff said.

Progress has begun on one unit from each army, with a view to completing one from each in turn (to stave off boredom).

First up, some Dark Eldar Reavers:

Followed by Some Striking Scorpions

Stay tuned for further(ish) updates!


  1. Glad I'm not the only one he talks into buying more stuff.

    Look forward to more pointy ears from you, your haemonculus ids still one of my favourite dark elder models.

    1. I think he takes a distinct sadist pleasure in it!

      Thanks, hopefully I'll live up to the Haemonculus.

  2. I have not made either of you buy anything. I merely provide encouragement and support as any good friend should.

    And Nife, I see no proof that you have been doing any of this painting you claim to have been doing...

    1. I do have proof... it's sat here right on my desk. Ooo. Shiny...

  3. Silence about the Tau, im still hurt by that.................

    So you claim to have eldar and dark eldar done in time for the next meet up eh? Isnt said meet up in February? Tell you what you pull this off and your lunch at whw is on the great motivator.

    What ever happened to that heresy era project of your? trying to distract you already? Like I would ;-)

    1. It was funny... ;)

      Well no. I claim to start painting and bring armies yes, although maybe just one, who knows... But I'll take a free meal quite happily :)

      I've decided to wait on the release of the Space Wolves for the Heresy era... For now... Yes. Yes you would

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