Thursday, 26 May 2016

Display - Ulrik the Slayer - WIP #2

As you can see from the pictures below Ulrik is moving along nicely now. I've layed out the core of the colours now, managing to use three of my four competition colours across the main part of the body. The cape will be the final (deathworld forest) colour.

I've had a play with light source based highlights on the armour, and whilst the effect is alright, it's nothing special in my eyes, but an interesting experiment none the less.

The wolf pelts have been basecoated with Rakarth Flesh, then washed with various mixes of Seraphim Sepia and Agrax Earthshade, working in smaller areas to darken up from the pale tone to a dark brown. This is most evident on the lower leg pelt. Palid Wych Flesh has been used to add highlights.

The gold is at a basic stage and will need to get some shading into the recesses to darken it down and provide a good contrast.

Once concern is that due to the enforced colour scheme the model is going to end up looking a bit busy colour wise (normally I'd look to limit the palette more than I have here), but hopefully it will not be too bad once completed.


  1. Would you be kind enough to give me a rundown of how you painted this model, all colours if you will and how. especially the Armour and the Green. i must know how you did the armour. <3


    1. Sure - this is what I can remember accurately:


      The green was done by blocking in Kalabite Green over the Incubi Darkness and then by applying mixes of the two as glazes to the join. So for the knee pads I painted the whole pad Incubi Darkness, and layered Kalabite green onto the top half. Glazes were applied to the line between the two colours until they blended smoothly together. I did the same with the Sybarite Green (top edges) and Abbadon Black (recesses). A fine edge highlight of Gauss finished them off.

      Base - Incubi Darkness
      Blend - Abbadon Black, Kalabite Green, Sybarite Green
      Edge Highlight - Gauss Blaster Green


      The process was the same as with the green.

      Base Mechanicus Standard Grey
      Blend - Abbadon Black, Dawnstone (Layer), Administrum Grey
      Edge Highlight - White Scar


      The shade is applied thinned with Lahmian Medium over multiple layers, each layer being applied over a smaller area than the previous one.

      Base - Rakarth Flesh
      Shade - Reikland Fleshshade
      Shade - Agrax Earthshade
      Highlight - Rakarth Flesh
      Higlight - Palid Wych Flesh


      Base - Retributor Gold
      Shade - Agrax Earthshade
      Highlight Auric Armour Gold
      Highlight - Runefang Steel

      Later on I did a targeted shade of Druchii Violet & thinned (using Lahmian Medium) Rhinox Hide into the darkest points.