Monday, 11 July 2016

Everchosen - Archaon - WIP #2

Work has been slowly continuing on Dorghar, my focus being on laying on more of the base colours to each area to get a feel for how the finished model will look. Having already changed how I was going to do one of the larger areas of the model as a whole I didn't want to focus on each individual area to find that it just did not work when put together as a whole.

That being said I am not currently 100% certain that the Nurgle head will tie into the rest of the model, but I suspect a tweak to the tone with a few glazes will solve that issue so I'm not massively concerned at this stage.

The Khorne head has been based with Khorne Red then washed with Agrax. Mephiston Red was layered over this in thin glazes before an edge highlight of Evil Sunz was added. There will be further highlights to come, but again this will depend on how I do the rest of the model. My thinking at the moment is to add in either Cadian Fleshtone or Kislev flesh as the highlight tone.

The bone areas have been blocked in for now. These may change, again depending on how the model colour scheme comes together.

I also spent several evenings playing with different colours for the wings. I tried something similar to the GW scheme but this didn't work for me. In the end I have gone with a blend of Rakarth Flesh to Bugmans Glow. This was wet blended in part on the palette as well as on the model.

As mentioned in my previous post, when revisiting the skin tone I felt a grey shade had the best look when put next to the wing scheme. I can incorporate the grey into the shading for the lighter parts of the wings.


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