Thursday, 3 March 2016

Heresy Era - Space Wolves - Stormwolf - Paint #2

The big downside to this type of project is that you often end up leaving mini's half done before moving onto the next thing. For me it's nice to take a moment and actually detail a part of a miniature up with full highlights and shading.

I did a bit of research into Norse Gods/Goddesses and that and I ended up picking a name for my Stormwolf that I believe was for the Norse Goddess of the sea, or sailing. Something like that anyway (well as far as wikipedia can be trusted to BE accurate.

The name also sounds or looks a lot like Nora, which in my mind evokes the bombers of World War 2, which in of itself seemed appropriate to a flying gunship.

Apologies again for the crap photos, that's the downside of doing photos on the fly...

The Stormwolf itself is in sub assemblies for painting. The Gold needs a wash of Agrax to give it some depth and I'd like to paint up the jags on the yellow areas to tie in with the existing army so far.

Instead of mounting the Helfrost cannons on the back I am actually going to use the ForgeWorld Assault Cannon Razorback Turret. It feels more appropriate for the look I am trying to achieve, and in game terms it will count as the Helfrost turret.

Sub Assemblies


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