Friday, 26 February 2016

Heresy Era - Space Wolves - Stormwolf - Paint #1

First off apologies for the not so good photos, these were taken with my phone on the fly...

This is pretty much a stock build, so no build progress blog posts for this one. The only significant changes to the kit are the replacement of the Techmarine pilot with a MK IV legionnaire and the shaving off of some of the detailing on the kit itself.

Now I'm not 100% happy with the cockpit, but as I am working to a relative schedule I've just had to suck it up and stop tinkering. The marine has been fully highlighted up by adding a highlight of Administratum Grey and some dots of white scar on the highest points.

I've added some battle damage (a bit too much so I might pare it back a bit) using the spongue technique and some line painting as well. I've not done too much of the latter before so I figured that a model that wouldn't be seen too much was a good place to start practicing. (The canopy obscures a lot of what you see in the cockpit).

The cockpit itself was painted black along the back with metal details added using Leadbelcher, Ironbreaker and Runefang Steel. The control panels on either side where painted with Leadbelcher, shaded with Nuln Oil and highlighted with Ironbreaker and Runefang steel.

Cockpit WIP
Because I don't have a dedicated area to assemble my airbrush I cheated and purchased a couple of cans of the Mechanicus Standard Grey spray paint. I've assembled the Stormwolf into sub-builds and sprayed each area independantly. Each plate was then drybrushed with Dawnstone and Administratum Grey.

I removed the gems and celtic details from the stormwolf as they didn't quite sit right with me, a bit too bling for my more basic approach.

Stormwolf Top Plate
Remainder of Hull plates.


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