Thursday, 10 December 2015

Heresy Era - Space Wolves - 'Ulrik the Slayer' - Build #1

So technically Ulrik the Slayer is not a Heresy Era character. However, I want to build a Space Wolf army. I want this army to be something I can use in both 30k and 40k. I want some cool looking character models as well...

I've made several abortive efforts to paint a Space Wolf force over the years and I have no idea if this time will be any different. This time out though, my local GW is running a Tale of Gamers event, which of course means monthly contributions are required. Hopefully this will provide me with the impetus and motivation to finally finish an army, and clear out the mountain of Space Wolf related sprues that are cluttering my hobby room.

The first model in my 40k list is Ulrik the Slayer. As the model is twenty years old at this point and because of my own prerequisite to have the models be of the Heresy era, I decided to have a stab at my own version.

As you can see below the model is based on the Chaplain from Betrayal at Calth. Rather than just do a head swap I decided I'd go whole hog and see if I could create something just a bit more wolfy as would befit the character.

I've used the cloak and belt from the Krom Dragongaze model in addition to the Chaplain. The plan is to add Ulriks head and Crozius top to round out the conversion. The green stuff work is there to remove some of the more ornate elements whilst tying the finished model back to the original sculpt.

'Ulrik the Slayer' Conversion WIP
For the remainder of the 400pts I plan to do a small pack of Grey Hunters and a Venerable Dreadnought. All of which will be shown in forthcoming posts. If I get that far of course...


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