Thursday, 17 December 2015

Heresy Era - Space Wolves - 'Ulrik the Slayer' - Build #2

It's always fun buying a £12 model and then taking a pair of cutters to it. Really... No nerves at all. Honest...

It's not like one inopportune slip as I was cutting and a lot of money wasted (arguably, more so than it was already wasted by buying the model solely for his head and weapon). Still a couple of hours later and thankfully I didn't slip and I had a cleanly removed head and Crozius.

The finecast shavings from the carving job actually made for good filler for the body cavity saving me on a bit of green stuff in the process (again your mileage out of the term 'saving' might vary).

At this point the waist pelt has been glued in place and the green stuff work started to help blend it in.

The Crozius arm is still only tacked in place. I might add a magnet here in the eventuality that Wolf Priests don't turn up in Heresy Era lists for any reason. Being able to sub the model in as something else in any list makes sense after the amount of work that has gone into him.

'Ulrik the Slayer' - Conversion WIP #2
Left to do at this stage:
  • Neaten up the existing green stuff
  • Add some GS to the rear of the helmet to smooth out the hack marks.
  • GS work to the pelt on the rear of the cloak (I've added in the second paw that normally drapes over the Krom torso shoulder)
  • Chest details.
In the background you can see work starting on the Wolf Guard Pack leader for my first Grey Hunter squad.

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  1. Beautiful job on the head. Was wondering if it was possible. Good to see it is.
    Reckon it could go on Russ?