Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Age of Sigmar - Khorne Bloodbound - Flesh Hound

"With the campaign being the driving force behind the army I've had to forgo my usual 'paint everything to as good a standard as I can' mentality and focus on getting base coats and shading on each model."

That was my comment last week. Didn't last long did it. I actually have an excuse though, and it is one that makes a lot of sense. So in this one instance, I don't feel too bad at breaking my own rule. Besides I actually have the bulk of the starter set painted to that basic standard, so at least I am not holding myself up too much.

So that excuse. Well the Lord model has his pet hound and if I stuck them both to the base straight away I'd never get a good paint job done on either of them. Plus your Army General does deserve a really nice paint job right off the bat.

I started off with the Flesh Hound, following the Painting Guide (with some minor variations in colour placement, primarily keeping the snout red). Keeping to the Painting Guide actually does speed this process along, with the simple base, shade and two/three highlight approach helping to keep things motoring at a nice pace.

It's also a fantastic way of practising painting fine lines.

Flesh Hound Angle #1
Flesh Hound Angle #2
Flesh Hound Angle #3
I am tempted to add a final highlight to the black to make it stand out like the red but otherwise this will be the hound done. I have already started on the Lord model and will hopefully have him finished in time for next weeks update. If not, well I have plenty of base coated models to show off...


  1. Excellent highlighting there, he looks fantastic! Really enjoying the AoS stuff you're producing, keep it up :)