Thursday, 27 August 2015

Age of Sigmar - Khorne Bloodbound - Mighty Lord #1

I hit a big milestone this week, and managed to get the whole starter set painted to a good tabletop standard. Next up I'll need to get their basing done and they'll be good to go.

I also managed to assemble a box of Blood Reavers with meat ripper axes and the new Exalted Deathbringer so they'll be added to the painting production line once the rain stops long enough to let me undercoat them.

In the meantime I have been carrying on the paint work on the Mighty Lord and he is now nearing completion. Once again I am using the colours and guidelines provided in the AoS Painting Guide.

Khorn Lord WIP Front
Khorne Lord Close Up
One area where I have deviated however is the painting of the cloak - whilst I want to retain the sharp edges that typify this style I did also want to blend in some of the deeper areas to give it a smoother look. This was achieved by adding Abbadon Black to Khorne red and thinning heavily with water before applying as glazes. This is also useful to tidy up areas where you have painted an edge highlight but decided it wasn't quite right. A few coats of the glaze mix softened the edge nicely. I used this several times after I added highlights and decided that they weren't appropriate.

Khorne Lord Cloak WIP


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