Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Age of Sigmar - Khorne Bloodbound #1

I wasn't looking to start a fantasy army honestly, but the release of AoS has meant that, Maelstroms badgering aside, I would be able to get a game in locally, with a friend of mine wanting to start a narrative driven campaign. So I caved like the weak willed weakling that I am. In fairness it didn't take much persuading, as I have always had a soft spot for Khorne, so the Bloodbound were the perfect release to entice me in.

Playing the game itself proved to be a fun experience, primarily because we both focused on the narrative rather than anything else (charging a shield wall with Reavers, Blood Warriors charging their general). Taking the aim to win out of the game makes for an entertaining time for me.

With the campaign being the driving force behind the army I've had to forgo my usual 'paint everything to as good a standard as I can' mentality and focus on getting base coats and shading on each model. The agreement being that we both play only with a painted force (our first game aside). 

I've also gone with the stock colour scheme and copied the colours used in the Painting Guide. This keeps things simple as I don't have to worry about figuring a scheme out or suddenly finding I need to change it halfway through painting the force.

At this point I am well on my way to getting the whole army painted to a good solid (but basic,) standard. I have however realised that with some of the models (the Bloodsecrator and the Mighty Lord) I need to paint parts of them completely, as they'd be a right bugger to reach once assembled. I've started work on both and should have an update coming next week with both of them.

For now here are a few shots of the basic troops so far.

Blood Warriors


  1. You caved and got into Age of "Smegma" :(

    1. No have absolutly no faith or interest in GW products anymore. Have become a very grompy old man towards everything GW now do.

      I like me smaller games now from smaller companies :D

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