Sunday, 19 April 2015

Horus Heresy - Shattered Legion - Iron Hands Scheme

Although the bulk of the models in the army are Salamanders and I intended to game with them as a Salamanders force, this Shattered Legion force has four Iron Hand Legionnaires in it, spread amongst the Tactical and Pyroclast squads.

I already had the steel and gold colours planned out as part of my Salamanders scheme so my main focus was on the Black. The Forgeworld scheme is quite diverse in it's use of paints and techniques, and whilst I was quite tempted to it out I thought I'd experiment with what I had to hand. Likewise I didn't want to stick to the black I had for the Salamanders as it is quite basic and lacks some of the depth that I felt whole armour plates would need.

The 'official' Iron Hand scheme seems to limit itself to black and metal. In order to make these fit in better with the Salamanders element I decided to add gold to the shoulder pad rim.

Iron Hand Legionnaire #1


This time I didn't have a spare model to hand to act as a test piece, however there are plenty of areas on the four models that were to be painted in metal so I could experiment on these. The following is what I came up with.

The paint information for the steel and gold areas can be found on the Salamanders Scheme post.

Black Armour

ColourLayerApplied WithBrand
Dark Blue GreyDirectional BasecoatAirbrushVallejo Model Air
Dark Sea GreenDirectional HighlightAirbrushVallejo Model Air
Medium Sea GreyDirectional HighlightAirbrushVallejo Model Air
Nuln OilWashBrushCitadel Wash
Medium Sea GreyEdge HighlightBrushVallejo Model Air
Administratum GreyEdge HighlightBrushCitadel Layer
Lamanters YellowGlazeBrushCitadel Glaze
Druchii VioletStippleBrushCitadel Wash
Waywatcher GreenGlazeBrushCitadel Glaze

Close up
Once again I'll endeavour to get a step by step done shortly.


  1. Lovely black Nife, and it's interesting to see how you go about it. It seems like a rather labour intensive process, but it does result in a nice and rich black that gives some interest to those panels.
    Have you considered adding battledamage to them to reinforce the whole "shattered" part of the theme?

  2. Thanks Rasmus. The interesting thing is that even though it seems labour intensive it is actually quite a quick process to complete. I will be adding battle damage yes.