Sunday, 8 March 2015

Horus Heresy - Shattered Legion WIP #4

I think a month is about the longest I have ever spent in recent years focused on a single project, and also the longest time taken with models without actually applying any paint. That being said I am now beginning the last stages of the building aspect of this force so painting should be forth coming in relatively short order.

This week I've been focusing on getting a Pyroclast support squad started. Needless to say as this is a Shattered Legion's force I have added a single Iron Hand legionnaire to the squad. I actually had a spare shoulder and arm left over from a conversion in the Tactical Squad so I was able to use the left over parts for his flame projector arm. Bonus.

Once again I pinned the models together to do a dry fit of my planned poses. I also wanted to create a unique sergeant and utilised the same method (Pryoclast legs, Legion Torso and Head) to create him. He'll be green stuffed next to blend in all the gaps.

Pre-Assembly Sergeant

Drilled and Pinned - Pre-Assembly

Test-Fit - note Hose has yet to be bent into shape

Final Assembly (minus hand and hose)
I was hoping to come up with some really dynamic 'heroic' poses with these guys but when it came to attaching the hoses to the backpack & flame projector weapons I found that you are somewhat limited in just how far they will bend (which is pretty logical when you think about it I suppose).

The hoses themselves were shaped by placing them in near-boiling hot water and once soft bending into shape. In most cases I anticipate having to glue them to the packs and then heating them with a hair dryer in order to get a nice 'snug' fit to the flame projectors.

Two Legionnaires & The Sergeant

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  1. Nice idea adding in an Iron Hand to the squad mate.

    Just finished reading Angel Exterminatus, so I can totally see the appeal of a mixed force like what you've in mind. Can't wait to see paint on them!