Sunday, 1 March 2015

Horus Heresy - Shattered Legion WIP #3

I honestly didn't think I'd get much done in the build up to this week, but as luck would have it I ended up with a few extra nights free to dedicate to the legions.

For the most part that meant finishing off the Contemptor, but also the sergeant from the Tactical Squad. Like a total muppet I completely neglected to milk the Heresy Weekender for all it's worth, so ended up placing another order a few days afterwards. Thankfully these arrived Saturday morning:

Choices Choices....
The MK IV set has been put away to be used with some Ultramarines I am planning on doing, whilst the MK III parts will be used to help customise the Shattered forces.

Salamanders Contemptor

Building the close combat arm and I wanted to have a bit of choice on which armaments to fit into the powerfist. To do this I once again used magnets and some creative planning.

I drilled a hole in the fist body (1.2mm) and then placed some blu tack on the weapon to be fitted (in this case a storm bolter and a flamer). I pressed the weapon into place which forced the blu tac into the hole leaving me with a little 'nub' of blu tack showing me where to drill the corresponding hole.

I then pressed the drill bit into the center of the nub and drilled another 1.2mm hole. In theory I now have two holes that line up with each other. These holes were then expanded using a 2mm drill bit. Into which a 2mm magnet was super glued. The reason I used a smaller drill bit initially is that I wanted to drill a thin guide hole to ensure that everything lined up (Being thorough you can then dry fit with a small bit of brass rod to check it all lines up).

The blu tac 'nub'
Holes that line up
Enlarged holes ready for magnets
In order to fit the weapons post assembly I then clipped away the surrounding circle of resin and did a dry fit to ensure that the weapons could fit inside the fist itself. The fist itself was then glued to the housing, and voila, one completed fist with interchangeable weapons.

The final components.

Finally, I pinned the shoulders into place and did a final test fit to ensure that everything fits together in a suitably aggressive pose.

Model Pose Test Fit

Magnetised Arms

Tactical sergeant

Last up for this week, after a bit of experimentation with the various options I selected the left hand arm for the tactical squad sergeant. This is what I ended up with.

Completed Tactical Sergeant
Not sure I have 100% happy with it so I may well have a play during the week.


  1. Oh god damn, that Contemptor just screams 'hard' as far as I'm concerned.

    Love the clenched power fist of that Sergeant too. Is it a relatively plain looking power fist on the back of it, or something akin to your usual 40K ornate thing?

  2. Sorry Greg, only just noticed your comment. Thanks. I am rather pleased how it turned out in the end.

    This particular power fist is ornate (it has some sculpted flames over the top of it) but it came with the Pyroclast set - the ones in the power weapon set are plain however.