Sunday, 15 March 2015

Horus Heresy - Shattered Legion - Building Vulkan #2

Following on from my midweek effort here's part #2 of the Vulkan build log...

In many respects I am not very good at pinning, often mis-aligning everything by the slimmest of margins. It's probably a patience thing, or maybe practice, I'm not really sure. As mentioned in the last update I've been pinning Vulkan (and all my Shattered Legion) for painting purposes. The fact that it will add a bit of strength to the joins is just a bonus.

That being said there are some instances coming up where perhaps my positional choice isn't very good, or the resin around drilled holes a bit thin, either way some of the joins coming up are not that strong. Still as I am planning on gluing together several segments immediately after I prime them I don't see this as too big a deal.

Vulkan's Parts
You'll notice that as the build goes on the photo's get a little darker. This was due to the lack of a desk lamp and fading natural light.

Building Vulkan - Primarch of the Salamanders

So following on from the base guide earlier in the week, here are the last series of photos detailing the build as I went:

Standing Vulkan on his base. This was naturally quite the complex process and had me pulling my hair out at times...
Attaching the arms. Holes and pins marked in the red squares.
Holes drilled for the pin attaching the shoulder pad. 
Hole drilled for the cape.
Cape pinned in place. Note the hammer has been put in place. Due to the nature of the join no pin or glue was necessary.
The backpack and mount point. I held these together whilst drilling the hole to ensure they lined up perfectly.
At this point I had the bulk of the model pinned together. As this stage is primarily to allow for better control when painting I chose to glue a few bits into place. Namely the hand on his right arm and the crest to the main body of his armour. Both parts are integral to their relative sub assemblies so I figured it made sense to do so, rather than endure some super fiddly painting later on down the line.

First items to be glued.
At this point the model is just missing the head and some of the smaller details. These will be primed separately and then added to the model. The head will be pinned and then painted separately.

Assembled #1
Assembled #2
Assembled #3
Great big chunk of resin
Not too far now until the end of the build segment of this force is complete, with just the Pyroclasts and Fire Drakes to be completed (and a Legion Praetor). After this I'll be moving onto bases and then (finally) priming and painting.

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  1. Cheers for taking all these shots mate, it's one hell of a model and seeing the detail on it is awesome.