Sunday, 6 April 2014

Eldar - Iyanden - Wraithlord WIP #2

Just a quick update this week, showing further progress on the Wraithlord. (I have been working some fine details on the Plague, but they still need finishing off.)

Black on the torso has been highlighted (not the weapons though), although I am tempted to redo (a lot of this model is turning out to be a way to figure out how to do the army as a whole). My focus over the last couple of evenings has been the Ghost Glaive.

I chose purple as it complements the yellow perfectly. Still working out the blends but so far so good.
In order to get smooth transitions I blocked in the lightest shade where necessary and worked the blends into it as I went (you can see an example of one of these blocks pre-blended in the photo below).

Wraithlord WIP #3

Once it is complete I'll give a rundown of the colours used.

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