Sunday, 30 March 2014

Eldar - Wraithlord WIP #1

So today I am at the Forge World Open Day, but in true Blue Peter fashion, here's one I prepared earlier...

This week I am back on the Eldar having spent a month or two distracted by Deadzone. Needing to take a break and do something different I figured it a good opportunity to base coat the Eldar that still needed doing, before moving on to assembling the remaining models.

With work still to do on one of the Seers it turned out that only the Wraithlord and a single Spiritseer to do. Of course I then got carried away and had to get the the yellow highlighted and other colours blocked in as well.

As such this is the Wraithlord as it stands.

Wraithlord WIP #1

The Black has only been blocked in at this point, but here's a guide to the other colours so far:


Without the airbrush, I think this would have been an absolute nightmare! I base coated with Averland Sunset initially to use it as a solid base to build from, but also to provide a little shadow for the Yriel Yellow layer - which I sprayed from a more top down angle, covering most of the model but leaving Averland in the most shadowy areas (under the loincloth for example).
  • Undercoat: White
  • Airbrush Layer: Averland Sunset
  • Airbrush Layer: Yriel Yellow
  • Wash: Cassandora Yellow
  • Airbrush: Yriel Yellow (top down, at about a 45 degree angle)
  • Edge: Flash Gitz Yellow
  • Edge: Dorn Yellow
  • Glaze: LamentersYellow
  • Edge: Dorn Yellow (on the sharpest points)


Basically done using multiple layers of wet blending transitioning between the four different colours on the palette. It's not the smoothest blend, but I am still learning so I'll cut myself some slack.
  • Basecoat: Astronican Grey 1:1 White Scar
  • Highlight: White Scar
  • Shading: The Fang


The blue I wanted to keep dark and rich. Again using a mix of wet blending and edge highlighting to achieve a bit of depth.
  • Basecoat Abbadon Black 1:1 Kantor Blue
  • Wetblend: Kantor Blue
  • Wetblend: Kantor Blue 1:1 Alaitoc Blue
  • Edge: Alaitoc Blue 1:1 Blue Horror
  • Glaze: Guilliman Blue


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