Thursday, 5 May 2016

Heresy Era - Space Wolves - Stormwolf - Paint #3

Well my time off of work proved to be productive and fruitful, just not with any miniature painting. Most of my time was spent decorating a large chunk of my house (a surprise for the other half that went down rather well thankfully). I did manage to build the Deathwatch game contents and start work on Archaon for my AoS army so it wasn't a total hobby whitewash.

I did however get in a small game of 40k down at my local Warhammer store and, although I was soundly thrashed (Grav in small armies is nasty) the Stormwolf did get a run out and proved to be quite the star for me.

It also meant that I could take some semi-decent pictures to show of it at the current stage of build/painting.

I've still got some jags to add to the yellow area but aside from then adding battle damage, transfers and other more detailed painting I think this will do nicely as a gaming piece for the time being.


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