Sunday, 22 June 2014

Sedition Wars - Strain Revenants - WIP #1

Taken the week to try and get a painted set of Strain done from the Sedition Wars boxed set, so that I can try and get a game in sometime.

The Strain models are pretty decent, albeit suffering from some evil little mould lines that are a pain to remove (to the point where a fair few still remain), and the game models do show a lack of detail compared to the resin versions, but that is to be expected (you aren't getting resin quality sculpts at this price point).

They still carry plenty of detail for gaming pieces though, and have painted up really well so far. Only looking at a decent gaming quality with these ones as well.

Colour scheme is inspired by Remy Tremblay, with the bulk of the colours similar to those used in his blog articles here & here.

I have tweaked the scheme slightly, though more through trial and error in an attempt to get a slightly more ashen skin tone (so I've added a couple of glazes to the skin using a Rakarth Flesh based mix).

Hopefully these won't take too much longer to paint.


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