Sunday, 15 June 2014

Sedition Wars - Phaedrus Chirurge - WIP #7

This should hopefully be the last of the WIP posts. The tendrils have now been attached, although I did manage to snap one even before I stuck it to the model proper, which was a little boneheaded. Nothing a little superglue hasn't fixed.

All the metallic areas have been redone in a dark black/grey, which is still getting final highlights. The bone areas have been completed as well. I had originally planned to keep the Chirurge teeth black but having spent some time thinking about it I think that doing so would overall leave the model too dark, and actually detract from the piece as a whole.

On the to do list then, OSL for the Chirurge eyes, finish the teeth. Finalise the highlights on the grey and I suppose I need to sort a base...


  1. Very pretty. Are you going to finish her off next or take a break for some Eldar or Horus?

    1. Only just noticed this... I took a break, but for more Sedition Wars. Still musing on how best to do Horus, and the Eldar are resting at the moment.