Sunday, 8 December 2013

Dark Eldar #1 - Colour Scheme

Coming up with an army colour scheme is always a bit of a task for me. For the Eldar it's easy. Iyanden equals yellow. Simple enough. But how do I paint that yellow? An agonising thought in itself, but more on that another time. Since the release of the last Dark Eldar codex I found myself drawn to the purple and blue scheme of the Cult of Something or other. The name escapes me right now, and it won't be the name of my Kabal anyway...

This is also the second time I've attempted to paint this colour scheme. The first time was using GW older range of paints (Midnight Blue, Liche Purple, Warlock Purple & Rotting Flesh) and the biggest issue was finding a mix of the new ones to replicate the scheme. Turns out a one to one mix of Naggaroth Night and Screamer Pink actually doesn't do a half bad job of replicating the old Liche Purple.

So the newer scheme colours are based on the following:

Armour - Naggaroth Night 1:1 Screamer Pink
Flesh - Rakarth Flesh
Hair/Stuff that glows - Sotek Green
Black - Abbadon Black 4:1 Sotek Green

After much trial and error here's the final concept model:

Still got a few of the colours to work out but nothing that will affect progress on the Jetbikes, which are coming along nicely.
For reference the scheme painted using the older range:

And for a bit of a laugh here's a sample from my original Dark Eldar army, painted back in 1998/99

Next up - Striking Scorpions Work In Progress...


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