Thursday, 4 February 2016

Heresy Era - Space Wolves - Ulrik the Slayer - Paint #2

Here's some more work on Ulrik, and he's nearing initial completion at this point with just a few details to fill in. At some point in the future I'll aim to revisit and add some details to the cloak at least (and a legion decal once they are released.)

The gems were painted with Khorne Red, with highlights of Mephiston red, Evil Sunz Scarlet and Fire Dragon Bright. Shade was carefully applied into the top of each face to give it that gem like effect.

The cloak was painted using the above colours (sans the Fire Dragon Bright) - I mixed these on the palette and carefully wet blended the various shades onto the cloak to try and give it a smooth transition. The detail still needs to be carefully shaded in but otherwise I am happy with where it is at. At some point I'd like to add some runes to the back of the cape to make him look suitably heroic.

On the to do list is the Plasma effect, pelt on the cloak and general tidying up.

Ulrik Front View
Ulrik Rear View


  1. That looks asskicking man, really great! Think ill try to do such a conversion! :D

    1. Thanks very much. Go for it, would be good to see how it comes out for you :)