Thursday, 21 January 2016

Heresy Era - Grey Hunter Pack #1 - Paint #1

Painting quickly is not really my thing. That being said I am moving on quite quickly with the Grey Hunters whilst still working on Ulrik as well. I'm also determined to get these all fully shaded and highlighted, rather than the quicker basecoat / shade approach I have taken with the AoS Khorne stuff.

That being said due to time constraints my plan is to get the Grey Hunters painted with a basecoat / shade / single highlight first and as and when time allows start adding the remaining highlights, grime and battle damage.

This time out the armour is a simple Mechanicus Standard Grey base, with Agrax Earthshade painted into the recesses and an edge highlight of Dawnstone (layer version).

The yellow on the Wolf Guards shoulder pad will have some black jags painted on it as a for of pack marking and to make him stand out more from the surrounding squad. I haven't yet decided whether I'll add pack markings to the legionaries; most likely I'll see what their official scheme looks like when Forgeworld release more Heresy Era details.

Wolf Guard Pack Leader
Grey Hunter WIP


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