Sunday, 15 February 2015

Horus Heresy - Shattered Legion WIP #1

So I picked up a few things at the Heresy Weekender, primarily to create a small detachment of Shattered Legion, but also to help with a future Ultramarine project. With the upcoming Tempest book and associated models it looks like a good time to be planning for some Ultra-smurfs.
But that is for the future. My focus now is on this small Shattered Legions force. With the possibility of Shattered Legion rules being at least a little ways off I am going to focus on a single legion, the Salamanders but will add in a few Iron Hand models to give them that shattered legion feel.

First up is a Tactical Squad.

Thanks to Maelstrom I inherited a couple of sets of Pyroclasts to add into the melting pot. Combined with an Iron Hands squad purchased at the weekender and a second hand Iron Armour set from Rictus I had plenty of models to choose from.

The assorted resin pile pre-sorting

Clipped and sorted into individual Legionnaires

For the most part these are going to be relatively stock builds but I wanted to make the squad sergeant stand out a little bit. As such I have started a basic conversion using parts from the Pyroclast & Iron Hand set along with a Salamander Mk III torso.

Tactical Sergeant Conversion
Magnetised Powerfist - If I decide to change weapons at a future date.
 So far there are only four models built but hopefully this week I can finish up the remainder of the squad before starting on the next addition to the army.

Iron Hand and Salamander Legionnaires

I've also mounted them on some spare 30mm bases I had laying around as the models look a little cramped on the standard 25mm ones.


  1. The 30mm bases are a great improvement over the cramped 25mm ones.

    I like the idea of mixing up the Legionnaires, I look forward to what comes next!

    1. Thanks Feral.

      You can understand why GW decided to move their marines onto larger bases.