Sunday, 16 March 2014

Deadzone - Plague WIP #3

Continuing on from last week then with more work on the Plague. I've finished work on the skin (for now) and as you will see from the pictures below worked on the clothing areas as well. I went for white vests to allow for a good contrast with the purple of the skin. To different the standard Plague troops from the HMG and "General" figures I chose two different colours as seen below (orange and blue).

 Stage 3A "General"
 Stage 3A Specialist with HMG

Stage 3A Troops

I've tried for a slightly cartoony finish as it seems to fit the sculpts really well.

With the spines I wanted to make it look like the skin had split apart as they grew out so used Carroburg Crimson as a shade for the bone colour, adding several layers before highlighting up (simply adding White Scar to the Ushabti bone base colour).

I've already carried on working on these guys, with the bases now painted. I've also airbrushed a bone colour onto the Stage 2 & 3 models in preparation for getting them started.


  1. Looking very nice. Skin turned out well and I like the orange trousers especially.

    How many different sculpts are there in the range of Plague? Much duplication?

    1. Each Starter sculpt is unique (so 13 different models across the three different 'Stages') - Generally it appears to be multiple sculpts of basic troopers, whilst each Specialist/Commander has one sculpt.

      The way the rules work you have to have a trooper for each Specialist in your force so should leave plenty of variation on the board.