Sunday, 23 February 2014

Deadzone - Battlezones #1

This week just a brief update looking at the scenery in Deadzone. Following on from last weeks effort I have spent some time cleaning up the various Deadzone sprues and having a go at putting some buildings together.

Things I have noted:

  • If you want a truly solid structure and use connectors in every slot, you'll run out of connectors and still have several scenery tiles left.
  • You don't actually need to do the above.
  • You do need to file down the connector clips and the holes in which they fit.
  • Likewise you'll want to ensure all the tiles have had a thorough tidy up with a file and knife.
  • Don't try and force any tight connectors out of the sockets. You will break some. The perfect tool to use would be another connector (which if like me, you have a broken one laying around, perfect tool sorted).
All in all the scenery requires preparation but is solid and actually really good fun to work with - I've included some sample structures below.

Note: These structures use all the connectors, I still have 5 odd tiles left (and lots of the accessories still on sprues).


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