Monday, 24 June 2013

Feeling Blue...

Originally I was going to put up a consolidated post of things I have been doing, but as I sit here waiting for my SharePoint system scopes to update I've decided to spread out the load a little and hopefully provide a short series of semi-regular (as in more than one a month,) progress posts. I also really need to complete some models as, as yet, I've not shown anything completed.

Starting off this mini series I had intended to show a few shots of some epic odds and sods. Along with both Rictus and Maelstrom I've been buying up a fair few chunks of stuff off of eBay with a view towards doing a pre-heresy themed force.

So I'd started on a quick test squad for a Tactical Detachment, painting consisting of a very simple basecoat, followed by three quick drybrushes and completed with a wash to tie it all together. Individual details have then been filled in. These I'll show in a future post, mostly because I'm not happy with what I've done so far.

No Epic Army is complete without it's 40k counterpart, so a few hurried brush strokes later and out popped this work in progress:

In both cases the blue has been based around the following scheme:
  • Kantor Blue Base
  • Highlight Ultramarine Blue
  • Highlight Ultramarine Blue 1:1 Fenrisian Grey
  • Highlight Fenrisian Grey
All have been washed with a Kantor Blue 1:1 Abbadon Black mix (thinned with water & glaze medium). The Epic stuff was washed after the drybrushing whereas the Forgeworld chap was washed prior to the highlighting.

In the midst of painting I've also gotten my hands on some Vallejo matte medium as well, which I've been playing around with on the Captains armour, net result is some moderately smooth blends with only a couple of different highlight mixes applied.

I'm also trying a new white light in my painting lamp...

Next up... Well could be anything really, but I'm hoping on either the Nightlord Marine, Trollslayer or some finished Sedition Wars Samaritans... Or possibly practicing to take better photos...


  1. Will wonders never cease, update from Maelstrom and now one from you...

    He is looking rather good, the blue turned out very nice. Any chance of some close ups of the face?

    1. I miraculous occurrence indeed!

      I shall add some into the next post to feature him.

  2. Nicely done!
    But what about red on the cloak? ))

    1. Thanks.

      If memory serves it's a base of Khorne Red, Highlighted by mixing in the old style Blood Red and then Dwarf Flesh. Shading was done by mixing Naggaroth Night into Khorne Red.

  3. Stop stealing my thunder Dan, we agreed to space our irregular updates so as they never clashed, the shock that they generates is enough to destroy the world ;-) :-P

    The captain is looking rather nice so far particularly like the shade of blue you have. Now get your act together and pop up some epic