Sunday, 2 February 2014

Eldar - 1000pt Zone Mortalis Force

This weekend I am up at Rictus's place partaking in a few games of Zombicide, Dreadball, Sedition Wars and of course 40K. Tomorrow I should be heading up to Warhammer World, where I will be persuaded to buy something Forgeworld (being that I am tempted by an Avatar and a Wraithseer).

Obviously this means that I wouldn't have had time to write this update on the day, but through the 'miracle' of the modern age and technology I am sat here on a Tuesday evening happily writing Sunday's post (and hoping that nothing untoward happens in the intervening time, otherwise I'll have to rewrite that whole introduction...)

This week I'll spill the beans on the contents of my army. My intent for this weekend was to have all models usable with all their relevant bits and bobs attached with only the normal dangers of a weak glue bond from stopping a model from falling apart (rather than copious amounts of blu-tack!) This did mean that a certain amount of paint would be necessary so that I didn't struggle later on down the line when I came to paint everything up to a standard I'll be happy with.

This meant basecoats galore, so both Wraith units have had the yellow added and the Dire Avengers their signature blue. I also painted the crests yellow and blocked in the black and white of the helmets. Unfortanately that was all I had time for, so the Wraithlord and Spiritseers remain untouched (also why I have yet to trim the pins of the apparently 'floating' Wraithlord).

Here's the offending units. The army list is based around the Iyanden supplement. I wonder how well they'll do...

 Striking Scorpions with Exarch (and Scorpion Claw)
 Spiritseers - one with the Spear of Teuthlas, the other with an oversized head.
 Wraithguard with Wraithcannons
 Wraithguard with D-Scythes
 Dire Avengers (with Exarch wielding a Shimmershield & Power Weapon)
Wraithlord (and Warlord) with Star Cannon, Scatterlaser and Ghost Glaive


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