Sunday, 19 January 2014

Eldar - Striking Scorpions WIP #3

As briefly mentioned last week, most of the last few weeks  has been spent assembling enough Eldar for a 1000pt army at the fast approaching meet up with Maelstrom & Rictus at the end of the month. Rather than just glue everything together and worry about the painting later I have been attempting to get the largest basecoat area done with an airbrush, much as I did with the Scorpions originally. 
I've also been working to get the bases modelled up and painted, this way I don't have to contend with models falling off of bases when the blu-tack isn't strong enough. If it helps save me from (somewhat justified,) ridicule regarding models with no weapons or backpacks then that is just a bonus as far as I am concerned.
Needless to say all this has limited the progress on the Scorpions, but they are still moving along at a reasonable rate. At this point the main metallic area & any gems have been done. Pictures below.

At this stage I am looking to keep the faceplates white as it will help tie the Scorpions back to the Iyanden theme I am working on - any non-wraith models will have a white faceplate.


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