Monday, 30 September 2013

Hexen Phaedrus

On a bit of a roll this week... It won't last.

With all the 'issues' surrounding the wave 2 release of Sedition Wars, and having now received my stuff; I found myself pretty keen to paint up the Hexen model to see just how 'badly' the detail from the sculpt had translated in the casting process. There have been lots of complaints regarding the shrinkage, scale change and resultant lack of detail on these models.

One thing I believe is that photo's of bare "restic" do not do a model justice (too shiny), and I thought it might be of help for folks to see one of these with a lick of paint on. 

Scale with the existing Battle for Alabaster models aside, the quality of the sculpts I received were actually pretty good (flash not too bad, no obvious blobs or miscasts). I did make sure to hold her legs firmly between my fingers as I scraped off what mould line there were as she does look fragile (but turns out not especially weak).

Net result from 3 evenings work:

Overall opinion? Pretty good on the detail front, for the size of the model the detail is surprisingly crisp for the most part. Where it does fall down though is the facial area, specifically the eyes, this particular sculpt had large looking orbs that just didn't fit the scale of this model and the nose was just a flat line from forehead to philtrum.

She does look at odds with any bare headed release from the Wave 1 miniatures, which is really a shame, because as a standalone model it really is very good.


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