Thursday, 28 July 2016

Everchosen - Archaon - WIP#3

More work on Archaon this week, with my focus being on the Tzeetch head. Unfortunately it is taking me an age to paint. So many feathers.

The process itself is actually very straight forward, it is simply the care and attention to the fine edge highlights that make this a time consuming process. It is also one of the reasons I have been working one each head a piece at a time, I think I would go stir crazy focusing on just this one before moving onto the others. Breaking down the model and working on it in small chunks helps to keep me motivated and focused.

The feathers have been painted by basecoating with Stegadon Scale Green, then washed with Coelia Greenshade. Each feather was then picked out with Stegadon green again. I did some thick edge highlights with Sotek Green, followed by thinner highlights of Temple Guard Blue. A final thin edge highlight of Baharroth Blue finished off the initial highlights

At this stage I glazed the feathers with Coelia Greenshade, but I worked from the middle of each feather back into each recess, and not out towards the tips. The other half of each feather was glazed with Sotek Green thinned with Lahmian medium several times. Baharroth Blue was reapplied to the edges to make each feather stand out.

At the moment, due to glazes, the feathers are quite gloss, and have an interesting glassy type effect. This is something easy to 'fix' with matt varnish, but I am tempted to leave them glossy and maintain the glassy effect. Something to ponder.


  1. nice!,is it all going to be the same colours as the box, or are you going to add a little twist?

    1. Thanks :)

      I think it'll all be fairly close to the box but with a few little changes to make it my own, I'm experimenting with Dorghars chest piece at the moment and the wings should be quite different once completed.